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Great Dane Engineering Inc. is a broad spectrum Engineering Services company. We specialize in Safety Program development and Maintenance, Site Supervision, Safety inspection, Medical standby, Project Management, and Manufacturing Consulting Services to help bring any project from concept to a successful finish, regardless of its scale.

Great Dane Engineering was contracted to help us meet our requirements within an one line certification agency, within 3 months our grades were high enough that we were able to perform Consulting work with a major Canadian Mining Company. We are now working closely with them to get our COR certification that will open up new opportunities in the construction Industry.
Great Dane took over halfway through our safety program development. They corrected the problems and involved our staff. Within six months we had our SECOR audit and passed it successfully. The next audit was a maintenance year but they worked hard and brought us up to COR standard. Great Dane performs all of our safety function and eliminates the need for us to hire our own Safety Manager.
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